Re-imagining Christian Schools: Immigrants and Natives (Part 1)

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At a recent education conference, I was struck by a distinction made by John Couch, the head of Apple’s educational arm. He referred to the millennials as digital natives and those of us who are generations above the age of 30 as digital immigrants. To his point, he talked about how we needed to reimagine schoolings with the fast-changing technological … Read More

Aligning Philosophy and Practice to Propel Potential

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I’ve been working in the past several years with schools who are trying to move from being traditional schools to what we have called, for sake of understanding, 21st century classrooms (albeit a now somewhat outdated term). As I have been reflecting on this effort by these schools, I have come to realize once again how critically important the mindsets … Read More

You are Invited to our Christian Deeper Learning Conversation

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I am very excited to announce that on November 18 CACE will be sponsoring a gathering of individuals representing schools and organizations interested in discussing ideas and sharing progress related to Deeper Learning in Christian schools.  This event will be free of charge and held in Elmhurst, Illinois preceding the Strengthening Christian Schools conference on November 19 and 20. What … Read More

Is it Time for a Visit?

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Last week at a Christian school, this incredible new building opened! Click here for a fly through filmed by students using a drone. What a privilege it was to be there the month before as students started to use the facility for the first time! God truly blessed the vision of Stephen Harris at Northern Beaches Christian Academy. Teaching and … Read More

The 21st Century School Looks Radically Different, Yet the Same!

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There are things about the successful Christian School that should never change: a commitment to Christ and a Biblical Worldview, outstanding teachers and leaders, families that invest in their child, and rigorous curriculum. However, there are some things that must change if we are to be relevant and successful in the way God defines it. These changes will impact students, … Read More