Is it Time for a Visit?

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School-1Last week at a Christian school, this incredible new building opened!

Click here for a fly through filmed by students using a drone.

What a privilege it was to be there the month before as students started to use the facility for the first time! God truly blessed the vision of Stephen Harris at Northern Beaches Christian Academy. Teaching and learning are being changed for the better!

You may not have the time or resources right now to see the above building in Sydney, Australia, but I wonder—are you planning to see any schools this year that are ahead of you in an area where you and your board want to take your school?

Yes—you do have goals and dreams and visions. I have found the quickest way to create buy-in and growth is to take fellow leaders or lead teachers to see what you envision in action. Believe me, there are some incredible schools in God’s school system.

While Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy was young, I took some of our lead teachers to Trinity Christian Academy in Texas. We learned a lot! Our vision of Christian schools grew. We came back inspired and they chose to visit us a few years later.

This summer we took school leaders to Australia and New Zealand to see 10 schools in 10 days. We were changed by visits to 9 of them. We saw engaged students. We saw space, furniture, and technology being used as tools. We all came back inspired! One of the schools on the trip with us was in the midst of a building project. Unfortunately for the construction team, each night the leader would call home with a new idea she had seen that day!

Do you have to limit yourself to just Christian Schools? This fall I get to visit a public school district that is leading the way in “digital conversion.” They get so many requests to visit that they already have waiting lists for their six visit days they have planned. I know two amazing Christian schools in that area have taken teams there.

Ask around. I bet there are exemplary schools for the area in which you want your school to grow. If you have some board members that need to have a new vision of Christian Education, take them to visit. If you have an “experienced staff” that is reluctant to change, take them. If you yourself need new inspiration or a new vision, take yourself.

But this year, maybe this fall—schedule a visit. I would be glad to help connect you with a school if that is needed!


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