What is the Purpose of Education?

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As you enjoy reading this summer, I would like to recommend the book, Desiring the Kingdom by James K.A. Smith (2009), Baker Publishing: Grand Rapids, MI. I would venture a guess that every philosophy of education class, at one point during the semester, asks the question, “What is the purpose of education?” The answer to this question will reveal a … Read More

The Intermountain Christian Story: Culture Making

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The task of creating a school culture is not easy. I could probably stop with that statement and you could begin a vigorous debate with school friends about your school’s culture. Lots of questions surround this topic: Is school culture different than school climate? Can you measure a school’s culture or is it simply something you feel? Can you really … Read More

The Call of Cardus

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Most Christian schools I know have similar elements in their mission statements. Usually there is a part about spiritual development – its Christian after all.  There is also some acknowledgement about academics given that we’re talking about school.  And then there is life or culture component, a nod to the impact of the school beyond graduation.  These statements also contribute … Read More