Rising Leaders’ Guide to Change and Innovation: Leadership for the Long-Haul

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Leadership for the Long-Haul

When it comes to ministering to faculty, staff, students, and parents, we can’t give what we don’t have. We cannot expect to encourage others, stay patient, answer calmly, and use wisdom appropriately without consistently spending time in God’s Word, being connected at a Bible-believing church, and praying regularly over the school, faculty, and students.

Rising Leaders’ Guide to Change and Innovation: Creating Value

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Rising Leaders' Guide to Change and Innovation: Creating Value

Having permission to drive your own advancement gives a gentle nudge to think beyond the current circumstances or one’s current position and reflect on the skills and abilities that God has given you. Once an honest self-assessment is completed, a person can consider how to apply these abilities to the challenges facing the school.

Diversity in the Christian School: Learning While Leading

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Christian School Leadership

Diversity in demographics isn’t enough if all the students in the school don’t have the same opportunities. Do we possess the superficial markers of diversity without actually embracing and honoring that diversity? Have we built authentic community with all our students and families? Do all the people in the building have the same opportunities to share their voice, perspective, and experiences?


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Just as a pilot needs to consider the physics of lift and drag while flying a plane, school leaders have to consider how they can create lift while leading their institutions. This can be a challenge because it involves change and a willingness to evaluate the current state while also looking to the future…

Under Pressure: The Heart in a Culture of Cool Things

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In science our students learn that Pressure = Force / Area. Essentially, pressure is calculated by measuring a particular force as it is applied to a particular area. And as you might imagine from looking at the equation, Pressure increases in two ways. First, if the Force increases. Imagine standing on a chair to reach a lightbulb. There is some pressure on … Read More

By Any Measure – Unattractive

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  Emptying self? Forsaking family? Losing our life to gain it? Why do you ask such hard things, Lord? How do we figure out needs and wants in a one-click Amazon world? What sort of foolishness is loving enemies and forgiving 70 times 7? How do we market teaching this in our schools? How can we see what you want … Read More

Blessing the Culture for Good

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When you are asked the question, “Why Christian school?”, what is your reply? Do you perhaps point to the biblical imperative that parents should teach their children the faith, or perhaps you cite the sociological evidence that subcultures are effective at reproducing religious faith? Maybe you argue that Christian schools are a conserving force in the face of moral decay … Read More

What Lessons can a Christian School Learn from J.C. Penney?

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The unusual comparison of a retailer and an educational institution may seem to be a bit strange. However, they have a lot in common and there are some clear corollaries which can be instructive considering the challenges and changes facing both sectors. Mission, Culture, and Leadership will be discussed in this article. Strength of Mission “Do unto others as you … Read More