Diversity in the Christian School: Are All Your Students Feeling Seen?

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One wonders how often a student who sits in our classroom feels like the Samaritan woman—sitting on the outskirts, walking our halls unobserved, or saying nothing in class. Maybe one reason these students fly under the radar is because they don’t see people like them in the curriculum. The authors read, the stories covered, the individuals featured in our current texts are all important, but how often do they reflect the culture of our students or the diversity God created in students of our respective countries?

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in America

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Diverse children gather ready to learn at school

Recent events have opened up important conversations surrounding race and social inequality in America. What should Christian educators be doing right now?

For starters, Michael Chen is sharing an open letter, which you are invited to sign, and a panel conversation, which you are invited to view.

Webinar – Embracing Everyday Diversity (Part 4): The Right Hand Paradigm

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This is the fourth and final conversation with Justin Jones-Fosu entitled “The Right Hand Paradigm.” Diversity surrounds us in simple and complex ways, and in this wrap-up conversation he helps us think about how something as simple as being right-handed impacts our understanding of the world and each other. Sonia Avilucea, Joel Gaines, and Mike Chen join the conversation as … Read More

Webinar – Embracing Everyday Diversity (Part 3): Stupid Stuff Smart People Say / Intent vs Impact

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This is part 3 of the “Embracing Everyday Diversity” series we’ve been doing with Justin Jones-Fosu. The conversation of this webinar is focused on “Stupid Stuff Smart People Say”, and Justin provides some personal context to understanding others and thinking before we speak. Before watching this session it is important to watch part 2 “Circles of Grace” to put into … Read More

Webinar – Embracing Everyday Diversity (Part 2): The Circles of Grace

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In Part 2 of the four part “Embracing Everyday Diversity” series, Justin Jones-Fosu challenges us to think about our relationships within the context of what he describes as “The Circles of Grace”. Also, in this webinar recording panelists including Joel Gaines, Mike Chen, and Mitch Salerno add insights into how to expand our relationship circles intentionally in Christian schools. Click … Read More