Legal Audit: An Exercise That Does a School Good

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About 14 months ago, a good friend and fellow Christian school leader posed a great question: “How’d you like to join a few other schools in California who are doing a legal audit of their school documents?” “Legal audit” was a new concept to me. At that point, I was finishing up a Head of School (HOS) position in the … Read More

A Typology of Paradigms for Improving School

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After thirty years of significant criticism, perhaps it is time to go back to the past in search for future thinking about our schools.  In 1846, Horace Mann’s 12th annual report to the Massachusetts Board of Education affirms, “… the absolute right of every human being that comes into the world to an education.”  It required a national commitment to … Read More

Christian Education for “Normal” People

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This article originally appeared in the Ontario Christian School Administrators Association newsletter, The Rudder. In June, I read Evangelism for “Normal” People by John Bowen. I expected that it might make me consider how I understand evangelism; I didn’t expect that it would make me reconsider how I understand the movement of Christian education. Bowen shares the ideas of a … Read More

Christian Schools and the City: An Introduction

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This summer, Erik Ellefsen asked if I might write a piece kicking off a new series for CACE about Christian Schools in the City. While today I work with The Gospel Coalition, a group aimed primarily at church leaders, I continue to see Christian education as strategic for the gospel’s advance in our nation’s cities. I am not only a … Read More

The 21st Century School Looks Radically Different, Yet the Same!

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There are things about the successful Christian School that should never change: a commitment to Christ and a Biblical Worldview, outstanding teachers and leaders, families that invest in their child, and rigorous curriculum. However, there are some things that must change if we are to be relevant and successful in the way God defines it. These changes will impact students, … Read More

Navigating the Ed Policy Storms: Are you Connected?

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Pulling a good network together takes effort, sincerity, and time.  – Alan Collins Over the past few months, I proposed that each Christian school leader must answer the following questions about their institution in order to navigate a way through the current turbulence in education policy: Why does your school exist? (Part I) What makes your school distinct? (Part II) How … Read More

The Future of Christian Schooling

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When I think about the future of Christian schools, I am conflicted. I look at the American political and theological landscape and wonder where we will be ten years from now. Over the past decade we have seen more than 25% of all Christian schools in the United States close their doors and shutter their windows, never to open again. … Read More