Future of Christian Education

The 21st Century School Looks Radically Different, Yet the Same!

There are things about the successful Christian School that should never change: a commitment to Christ and a Biblical Worldview, outstanding teachers and leaders, families that invest in their child, and rigorous curriculum. However, there are some things that must change if we are to be relevant and successful in the way God defines it. …

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Navigating the Ed Policy Storms: Are you Connected?

Pulling a good network together takes effort, sincerity, and time.  – Alan Collins Over the past few months, I proposed that each Christian school leader must answer the following questions about their institution in order to navigate a way through the current turbulence in education policy: Why does your school exist? (Part I) What makes your …

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What is the future of Christian Education in North America?

For years Christian Schools International has been sending out notes of congratulations to member schools who celebrate milestone birthdays.  Since 1980 we have been sending out congratulatory notes to schools who have celebrated their 100th birthday. On a more sobering note, far too many schools who celebrated their 100th birthday over the past thirty-five years …

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