Harkness: Timely, Timeless Innovation

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I remember the phone call I made to my dissertation chair like it was yesterday. I hadn’t rehearsed it. In fact, I didn’t really think too long about the implications. After 2 years of research and study on the topic of Independent School leadership, this decision meant I would make a hard turn, about-face, and switch my dissertation topic. I … Read More

Innovation and Transformation: A Conversation with Bill Latham of Meteor Education

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“MeTEOR stands for Methods, Tools, and Environments plus Relationships. It’s a true representation of our mission and vision to transform the learning experience.” – Bill Latham Introduction: Those who are familiar with my blogs and podcasts know that I am interested in the innovations that are happening throughout education, and I’ve had the opportunity to know, work with, and talk … Read More

Lessons from the Playground: School Climate and Structures

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As defined by the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASDC) School climate refers to the school’s effects on students, including teaching practices; diversity; and the relationships among administrators, teachers, parents, and students. My personal definition of school climate is the temperature of the school, “controlled” (think thermostat) by the structures that are in place, the things that have an effect … Read More

Cost of Leadership: Brief Inquiry into Head of School Compensation

Erik EllefsenThe CACE Roundtable

Conclusion as the Introduction: Traditionally, an essay concludes with findings and ruminations, but for this blog I’m using a different approach as I’d like to frontload my comments before you dig into the information below. When I started this blog, my assumptions of leadership, which I’ve written about in many blogs are: School success is dependent upon quality and stable … Read More

Entrepreneurial Approach to Educational Needs: A Conversation with Andrew Neumann

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Introduction: About a year ago I was introduced to Andrew Neumann and Open Sky Education at a Summit for urban schools. If you’ve read my blog over the years you’ll know my skepticism for Charter Schools, but I’d never come across an education provider that was a hybrid Charter School Management Organization as well as a Christian School operator. Over … Read More

Thomas Arnett: Amplify the Teacher Effect with Technology

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Introduction: As someone who espouses innovation in Education I’ve always been skeptical of the technocrats who push the cure-all that technology should be for Education. My qualms have always been twofold, first technology as the replacement for the relationship between teacher and student and second the lack of relationship between learners in a communal drive for some sort of corporate … Read More

Jon Eckert: Innovation, The Novice Advantage and Collective Leadership

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Introduction: Even though this is the third blog in a series of interviews I’ve done with innovative leaders in Education, it is actually the first interview I did as I’ve learned to try out my own innovations on friends. Jon Eckert and I graduated from Wheaton College in subsequent years, but didn’t become great friends until we reconnected a few … Read More

Choosing PD Conferences: 3 Criteria

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Introduction: Recently, two blogs were written in regards to choosing conferences that I found helpful for Christian school leaders. CACE Fellow, Paul Neal, wrote a blog entitled Thinking about Conferences?  as he reflected on conferences he attended this past year while our friends at Sevenstar recently published a blog entitled A Guide to the Premier Events for Christian Schools this … Read More