Thinking About Mission Statements

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Mission Statement sign outside of a Christian School Building

Times of crisis and change often present organizations an opportunity to revisit their mission. Our current climate of pandemic and cultural conflict is just such a time. How ought our mission statement help us stay on mission and our mission drive our actions through these challenges?

What Lessons can a Christian School Learn from J.C. Penney?

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The unusual comparison of a retailer and an educational institution may seem to be a bit strange. However, they have a lot in common and there are some clear corollaries which can be instructive considering the challenges and changes facing both sectors. Mission, Culture, and Leadership will be discussed in this article. Strength of Mission “Do unto others as you … Read More

Livening up the Blasé Work of Mission and Vision Revision

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No matter the terminology used — mission, purpose, direction, core values, belief statements — each provides an opportunity for an organization to gain clarity about what drives decision-making in the short and long term. High-reliability organizations stay “tight” to their vision and mission, aligning their work in ways that help employees build belief in the processes and products. Extensive time … Read More

What’s Your Plan?

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If you are an administrator, the latter part of June is an ideal time for reflection and future planning. Immediate day-to-day pressures cease and unless you are in a modified year or year round schedule situation, the pressures to start back up feel down the road. Still fresh in your mind are the things that worked well or didn’t from … Read More

Q and A with Pastor John Lee: A Response to “Why We Cover Silage Piles”

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We were pleased to receive considerable positive feedback regarding Pastor John Lee’s sermons on Christian Education. Below are a selection of the thought-provoking questions from readers and responses by Pastor Lee. Thank you for engaging with CACE as we question and explore the challenging role of Christian Education and strive “to narrow that gap between the ideal and reality” as … Read More

Why CACE? Why Now?

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Good questions for sure! And, ones I have been asked a few times this past month. My personal response reflects two thought paths. The first comes from Philippians 2:1-4: Therefore if you have any encouragement from being united in Christ, if any comfort from his love, if any common sharing in the Spirit, if any tenderness and compassion, 2 then … Read More