Rising Leaders’ Guide to Change and Innovation: Guiding the Throttle of Change (Part 2)

Mark DixonRising Leaders’ Guide to Change and Innovation, The CACE Roundtable2 Comments

Rising Leaders' Guide to Change and Innovation Guiding the Throtle of Change Part 2

Effective change management requires that leaders throttle the rate of change for all stakeholders. Particularly during the recent pandemic, leaders have had to reduce or streamline long-term desired changes in order to make space for the changes necessary right now.

In the second part of “Guiding the Throttle of Change”, Ellen Barrett and Mark Dixon explain how you must slow down to go fast.

Lessons from the Playground: School Climate and Structures

Tim Van SoelenInnovation

As defined by the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASDC) School climate refers to the school’s effects on students, including teaching practices; diversity; and the relationships among administrators, teachers, parents, and students. My personal definition of school climate is the temperature of the school, “controlled” (think thermostat) by the structures that are in place, the things that have an effect … Read More