Education, Micro-aggression, Viewpoint Diversity, and the Tolerance Mirage of Rampant Secularism

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One consequence of the contemporary postmodern ideology that there is no truth beyond each individual’s concept of it, is the increasingly desperate attempt on college campuses to eradicate any evaluative reflection concerning one tribe or person’s truth by any other tribe or person. This has led to the apparent evil of “micro-aggressions”, or what Lukianoff and Haidt describe in their … Read More

The Powerful Religion of Secularism

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In recent times, Christian writers such as James K. A. Smith (2014) and Mary Poplin (2014) have written very helpfully about the concept of secularism. Though this present article views the issue from a different angle, those authors and others do right to draw our attention to the key concept of secularism, as it is one of the most powerful religious forces shaping contemporary western culture.