Did You Ever Wonder…

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Why students (and their parents) are so grade obsessed? In a previous post: What Happened to the E?, I noted my lack of surprise when students petition for an extra point or two on an assignment or request extra credit opportunities. Some readers responded with notes of similar experience and frustration. One reader asked the question “how do students become so … Read More

Helping Children Grow – Are We Forming, Are We Informing, or Is It Both?

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I have several grandchildren who are in the early years of involvement in a number of different Christian schools. As I watch them develop through different experiences, challenges, and opportunities, I’m impacted again by the glorious privilege and honor we have as Christian parents and teachers to unpack the mysteries and wonder of God’s creation with our young ones. When we have … Read More

Engagement Matters: An Introduction

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According to Gallup’s weekly survey only 33% of employees are actively engaged in their work while another 25% are actively disengaged. The data regarding teacher and student engagement is equally as discouraging with engagement rates that have plummeted in the past ten years to levels not seen since the early 1980s. As I work in a school, work with other … Read More

Aligning Philosophy and Practice to Propel Potential

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I’ve been working in the past several years with schools who are trying to move from being traditional schools to what we have called, for sake of understanding, 21st century classrooms (albeit a now somewhat outdated term). As I have been reflecting on this effort by these schools, I have come to realize once again how critically important the mindsets … Read More

Reformed Critical Realism as A Dynamic Intellectual Paradigm for Christian Educators

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It’s wonderful when you observe Christian educators make the giant leap forward in realizing that education is not neutral but is always driven by beliefs, as they come to understand the domineering influence, even in Christian schools, of the religion of secularism on pedagogical theory and practice. It then often turns to distress when you observe these same educators running … Read More

Who Is Ultimately Responsible for Learning?

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How long will we continue to limit the learning of our children by our need to be in control of it?  The new ELSE Education Act replacing NCLB, should have included an apology from the Congress for all of the mischief that the NCLB led to in spite of its good intentions. It was an inappropriate response to a misunderstood … Read More

There is No Neutrality – True Education Primarily is A Relationship-Driven Activity

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There is No Neutrality – True Education primarily is a relationship-driven activity Richard Edlin comments: The reflections below from Scot McKnight (prof of NT at Northern Seminary, Lombard, IL) echo the focus that Jamie Smith, Benson Kamary, Roy Atwood, Doug Wilson, myself, and many others put on the key dynamic that education is not primarily the transfer of information. It … Read More

The Teacher – Student Intersection

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It is safe to say that the 2015-16 school year has begun in most schools across North America. In several of the Midwest states, legislation was passed to move back the first day of school. Iowa legislators decided that August 23 is the first day that schools may officially begin. The City of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, allowed citizens to … Read More