See the Story, Live the Story

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Much of my work with CACE involves Christian Deeper Learning in one form or another. I have had the opportunity to facilitate workshops with EL Education , Project Based Learning, Redemptive Education, and most recently, Teaching for Transformation (TfT). TfT teachers at Mt. Zion Christian School in Manchester, New Hampshire and New Covenant School in Arlington, Massachusetts wanted to complete … Read More

What Story Is at the Heart of Our Schools?

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What if (Christian) education was primarily concerned with shaping our hopes and passions—our visions of the “good life”? What if the primary work of (Christian) education was the transforming of our imagination rather than the saturation of our intellect? What if we began by appreciating how education not only gets into our head but also (and more fundamentally) grabs us … Read More

Two Stars and A Wish…

Tim Van SoelenThe CACE Roundtable1 Comment

I hope it is OK for me to dedicate this blog to one of the original thought leaders in the biblical framework for teaching that we call Teaching for Transformation or TfT. As some of you may know, CACE has been partnering with the Prairie Centre for Christian Education (PCCE) in developing and delivering TfT to schools in the United … Read More