Rising Leaders’ Guide to Change and Innovation: Lead from the Cutting Edge

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Rising Leaders' Guide to Change and Innovation: Lead from the Cutting Edge

What makes technology unique is that it intimidates some school leaders who believe themselves to be incompetent, are afraid to vulnerably learn, and prefer to leave this instruction in the hands of the technology expert. But this year proved that if leaders are going to lead, they need to understand their school’s technology and its capabilities.

Chasing “likes”

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“Comparison is the thief of joy.” This quotation is attributed to Teddy Roosevelt as he often demonstrated a joy-filled life in the leadership positions he was called to serve. Given that his life journey was not an easy one, it would have made sense for him to stop and compare, allowing joy to be stolen. He lost his first wife … Read More

Playful Minds

Dave SikkemaThe CACE Roundtable

Games can recover play in learning, but we still have to know what it means to “learn.” My fourth grade students certainly wouldn’t need convincing that schools could use more video games. But parents and teachers trying to limit a child’s “screen time” might think otherwise. From their perspective, “digital play” is the last thing our kids need. These games, … Read More

Encouraging a Different Narrative

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“I’m glad we don’t have to raise our kids in that culture” was the comment of the educator I was having breakfast with at a café in early August. Any guesses where I was eating breakfast and what culture the educator was referring to? Recently I had the opportunity to work with two international Christian schools, one in Nepal and … Read More

Technology and Innovation

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I’m the first to admit it: I’m a technophile. I subscribe to Wired magazine. I love my iProducts. I enjoy networking with other educators through social media. And I am a techie-teacher–I’m always experimenting with new technologies in my classroom! It’s not that I think technology can solve all of our educational problems or make us into super-teachers. But I think technology … Read More