Setting Tuition

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Boards routinely talk about setting tuition as being the hardest decision to make each year. The reason is not hard to discover. Board members are compassionate and loving people who know the hardships of families in their communities and desire to make it as easy for them as possible to be a part of the Christian School community. Keeping tuition … Read More

A Letter to my Daughter on her Graduation from Christian High School

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Dear Katie, Graduation Day at last! Congratulations! Bravo! Well done! Hurrah! I’m so filled with love and pride right now I’m about to burst. Many times I’ve come into your room late at night and found you toiling over algebraic equations, or struggling to plumb the depths of Dostoyevsky, or trying to think clearly and Christianly about the big questions of life. I … Read More

The Financial Tsunami: The Effect on Cost and Price

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In the last post on the CESA heads surveys, conducted in the spring of this year, we looked at this group of school leaders’ views of the educational marketplace, primarily its effect on enrollment and re-enrollment. We examined the phenomenon that despite the fact that 70% of the surveyed schools have grown in the past five years, some quite dramatically, … Read More

Developing the Value Narrative

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Dr. Steve Robinson, President of the Southern Association of Independent Schools, presents research and his expertise on independent school cost and value in this video. (Use the password “CCEI” to view it.) He discusses trends in tuition/financial aid as well as provides ways for Christian schools to discover and think about the value of their education and an understanding of financial trends in the independent school marketplace.

Charter Schools: The False Choice (Part I)

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“Charter schools are the devil,” I blurted out as I listened long enough to two friends talk about the new push for a Three Sector policy approach to educational change in the United States.  After they got over their astonishment at my statement realizing it was another one of my strong opinions, they asked for explanation.   At this point I … Read More