Month: March 2014

Critical Thinking: A plea for less problem “saying” and more problem “solving”

So much has been written about the realities (positive and negative) of the digital information age.  Information is disseminated at increasingly higher speeds, granting the end user unprecedented access to the seemingly most up-to-date information.  Social media and blogs create platforms for posting and re-posting ideas, perspectives and opinions.  It could be argued that society, …

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Saving Money for Public Education through Christian Schooling?

Jeff Spalding, former CFO for the City of Indianapolis and current  director of Fiscal Policy and Analysis at the Friedman Foundation for Educational Choice, published an interesting blog post last week titled If you think expanding school choice is expensive. I found his examples intriguing as they stimulated some good discussion around the question of whether we can really …

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CACE Introduces Senior Fellows

The Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE) at Dordt University is pleased to announce the hiring of three senior fellows: Dan Beerens, Chad Dirkse, and Paul T. Neal. As recognized experts in the philosophy and practice of Christian schooling, CACE senior fellows represent a variety of fields and capacities. Fellows will assist in …

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