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Many of us in America are closely watching the presidential campaigns. On January 14 was the last Democratic presidential debates before the primaries, and it can be difficult to determine whom to vote for in the primaries or general elections. However, we know that in Education, local and state elections often have more of an impact on our schools than the federal elections. This past summer at our Engage: Policy, Law, and Christian Schools event in D.C., we had the opportunity to meet and hear from organizations that provide important information on education and religious liberties. I will see many of these new friends again at the International School Reform Conference as our colleagues at Cardus present their findings on the impact of religious schooling on graduates.

Part of the work of CACE is connecting with organizations of similar mission to see what we can learn from each other. Here are some of them:

American Federation for Children (@SchoolChoiceNow): “The American Federation for Children and AFC Growth Fund seek to empower families, especially lower-income families, with the freedom to choose the best K-12 education for their children.”

EdChoice (@edchoice): “The EdChoice mission is to advance educational freedom and choice for all as a pathway to successful lives and a stronger society.”

ExcelinEd (@ExcelinEd): “At ExcelinEd, we focus on education equity and quality—both inside and outside of the traditional public education system. Through customized support for state policymakers, reformers, educators, parents and communities, we are cultivating policy conditions to advance student-centered education systems, state by state.”

Becket (@BECKETlaw): “Becket is a non-profit, public-interest legal and educational institute with a mission to protect the free expression of all faiths. Becket exists to vindicate a simple but frequently neglected principle: that because the religious impulse is natural to human beings, religious expression is natural to human culture.”

Reason Foundation (@reason): “Reason Foundation advances a free society by developing, applying, and promoting libertarian principles, including individual liberty, free markets, and the rule of law.”

How can your world expand in 2020? How can you connect for the sake of improving yourself and your organization?


  • Erik Ellefsen has served in education for 21 years as a teacher, coach, consultant, Grievance Chairman for the American Federation of Teachers, Dean of Academics at Boston Trinity Academy, and as Principal at Chicago Christian High School. He currently serves as an Academic and College Counselor at Valley Christian High School (San Jose, CA), a Senior Fellow for CACE, a Senior Fellow for Cardus, podcaster for Digical Education, and as Vice President of CCEI. Erik regularly organizes Christian school leadership seminars and speaks on issues pertaining to academic program, student leadership, and organizational development. He can be reached via email at eellefsen@vcs.net.

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