Praying for Self Control 

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beatitudes (2)Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth. (Matthew 5:5)

When I learn about this verse from all my favorite commentators, it seems Jesus’ original mean was not just lost in translation — it was deported!  The word meek in this verse portrays the idea of weakness– “meek” usually goes along with “mild” in our minds.  But the real Jesus-idea is “strength under control.”  The people who will “inherit the earth” — those who will be running the planet one day under Jesus authority — will be those who know how to gallop, charge, canter, walk, back up, turn and stop at the right time. Jesus has put image-of-God power in you and me and it’s our task to master it for God’s purposes.  We’re blessed, and so is the earth, when we learn to control and use everything Jesus has put in us.

Lord you don’t make no junk.  Forgive me for failing to recognize and develop all you have put into me.  My false humility and tentativeness doesn’t serve your purpose.  I want to learn the immense power of self control.  Amen.

Steve Moore


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