Praying to Draw Near

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Draw near to God and God will draw near to you.  (James 4:8) 

This simple fact of our faith life should strike us a staggering reality. I can’t meet with a president or a CEO or a Hollywood celebrity. I need an appointment to meet with my dentist and doctor and hair-cutter.  But God — who creates, sustains and redeems everything — is available just on my approach.  “Draw” is a reverent and thoughtful word, so I don’t come to God just to ‘hang out.’ When Jesus began his model prayer “hallowed be your name… your kingdom come” I think it was meant to influence what we ask for next (and what we don’t ask for). Nobody needs a lesson on how to “draw near to God.”  All over the planet, in billions of different ways people follow an innate impulse to pray and worship, and they do it because they get something out of it: a sense of the presence of God. You could “draw near to God” wherever you are and whatever you are doing. God is dearly hoping you will.

Lord you are so available to me and I often put myself off limits from you.  I will avail myself of your Spirit and your Word today.  Thank you for being so close.  Amen.


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