Praying to Make Peace

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Matthew5_9Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. (Matthew 5:9)

One of the reasons Jesus came to earth was to make millions of these. When people step out of God’s plan to try to be their own god, or try to be a god to others, there is no end to the damage done. When the amplitude of all those destructive waves come together, the peaks and troughs become extreme. I’ve spent a little time in Uganda, Cambodia and Rwanda, the scene of horrible genocides in my life time and yet the home of some of the most beautiful people on earth. Jesus was very realistic about the world and had a plan to deal with it. Us. We are not meant to retreat from conflict and injustice, cherishing our personal salvation with one eye on the exit. In as big a world as you have influence over, look for brokenness, anger and fear, and get about the difficult work of making peace. When we do that we fulfill Jesus’ urgent plan for the planet and display our family resemblance to God. Jesus’ plan for your world today is you –showing his love.

Lord I want to have enough faith to believe in your peace and enough love to undertake solutions to all the little wars around me. I will follow you down a difficult road of conflict. Amen.



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