Developing the Value Narrative

Dr. Steve Robinson, President of the Southern Association of Independent Schools, presents research and his expertise on independent school cost and value in this video. (Use the password "CCEI" to view it.) He discusses trends in tuition/financial aid as well as provides ways for Christian schools to discover and think about the value of their education and an understanding of financial trends in the independent school marketplace.

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The Powerful Religion of Secularism

In recent times, Christian writers such as James K. A. Smith (2014) and Mary Poplin (2014) have written very helpfully about the concept of secularism. Though this present article views the issue from a different angle, those authors and others do right to draw our attention to the key concept of secularism, as it is one of the most powerful religious forces shaping contemporary western culture.

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School Choice in My State? Really?

I am guessing that if one would survey random citizens as they walk the downtown streets in your community asking the question, “Does our state have school choice legislation?”, you would receive some interesting responses. A fair guess would be that most would not be aware of school choice legislation in their state. The Friedman …

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