Church-Home-School: The Three-Legged Stool

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As many of you know, Dordt University takes its name from the historic Synod of Dort held in Dordrecht, the Netherlands in 1618-1619. Arising from that six-month assembly was the Canons of Dort, one of the  major confessional statements of Reformed churches. The Canons of Dort were a response to controversial theological statements made by the followers of Jacob Arminius; … Read More

Changing Views on Church: Considering The Impact on Christian Schooling

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There has been much written recently on the changing attitudes towards church in American culture.  It is doubtful that many of us are surprised at what the data is showing; a shrinking percentage of people feel church involvement is a priority.  The data is particularly concerning for Gen Xers (ages 48-30) and Millennials (29 and younger).  A March 25, 2014 study by … Read More

CACE Partners with InterMountain Christian School

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The Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE) at Dordt University is excited to announce that Intermountain Christian School (ICS) will be the initial school CACE is partnering with for the 2014-15 school year. ICS, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, began as a ministry of The Evangelical Free Church of Salt Lake in 1982. With a current enrollment … Read More

How might Christian schools and Churches Partner?

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While we likely all agree that parents share the primary responsibility for the faith nurture of their children, the Christian school and the church can play major supporting roles. Sometimes it has problematically felt like the Christian school and the church have been competing for the time and attention of the children and young adults they are attempting to serve. … Read More