Leading Innovation, Part 1

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Most of us aspire to be innovative leaders. The push for 21st century learning, coupled with the technological revolution, has advanced the awareness of innovation and has propelled innovation to the fore as a leadership ideal. In the coming months, we will highlight a variety of different innovations affecting Christian education. Before we explore individual innovations, we will consider the … Read More

Navigating the Ed Policy Storms: Why Does Your School Exist?

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Over the past few months I have shared my thoughts on the chaos that current education policy has both become and created (“Ed Policy Chaos: Why It Matters”). My argument is that charter schools are not a viable option to those of us who support greater levels of educational choice within the American education system (Part I and Part II). … Read More

What’s Going to be Different this School Year? 10 Questions for Christian School Leaders to Consider.

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Dear School Leader, As you get on the train or jet (choose your metaphor!) called school and get it rolling toward take-off, I would like to pose ten questions for consideration: 1. Will students and parents clearly see how passion, mission, people, and practice all come together at your school this year? Is what you are doing distinctively Christian? 2. … Read More

What Do We Deserve?

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I recently read two articles that spurred my thinking on this “what do we deserve?” as it relates to Christian schools. I don’t want these sources to take responsibility for my thinking, but I do want to acknowledge them. Chad Dirkse, recently wrote a blog on the CACE website entitled, “But I’ve Earned the Right To…” It was a great reminder of … Read More

The Call of Cardus

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Most Christian schools I know have similar elements in their mission statements. Usually there is a part about spiritual development – its Christian after all.  There is also some acknowledgement about academics given that we’re talking about school.  And then there is life or culture component, a nod to the impact of the school beyond graduation.  These statements also contribute … Read More

Ed Policy Chaos: Why it Matters to Christian Schools

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Introduction: Education policy in the United States has moved from a period of change into a time of chaos. The predominant policies and actions of the past fifty years have been turned on their head through federal government legislation, private money, and exceptions to nearly every pre-established rule. In a sense, we are exiting what I call the “Teacher Union … Read More

Incarnational Christian Education: More than Concepts, Objectives and Standards

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In his recent CACE Blog, Dan Beerens effectively challenges educators to raise levels of student inquiry with well-crafted Essential Questions that engage students in active learning while encouraging a spirit of respect and humility.  To illustrate the value of Essential Questions he points us to questions Jesus asked during his incarnational ministry on earth. Jesus’ question “who do you think I … Read More

Charter Schools: The False Choice (Part II)

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Charter schools on the whole have not provided the same results of the few excellent charter school networks. A short review of the research and opinions on charter schools provides a much less hopeful narrative that the Three Sector approach can effectively create quality change throughout American education.