Ed Policy Chaos: Why it Matters to Christian Schools

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Introduction: Education policy in the United States has moved from a period of change into a time of chaos. The predominant policies and actions of the past fifty years have been turned on their head through federal government legislation, private money, and exceptions to nearly every pre-established rule. In a sense, we are exiting what I call the “Teacher Union … Read More

Incarnational Christian Education: More than Concepts, Objectives and Standards

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In his recent CACE Blog, Dan Beerens effectively challenges educators to raise levels of student inquiry with well-crafted Essential Questions that engage students in active learning while encouraging a spirit of respect and humility.  To illustrate the value of Essential Questions he points us to questions Jesus asked during his incarnational ministry on earth. Jesus’ question “who do you think I … Read More

Charter Schools: The False Choice (Part II)

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Charter schools on the whole have not provided the same results of the few excellent charter school networks. A short review of the research and opinions on charter schools provides a much less hopeful narrative that the Three Sector approach can effectively create quality change throughout American education.

Charter Schools: The False Choice (Part I)

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“Charter schools are the devil,” I blurted out as I listened long enough to two friends talk about the new push for a Three Sector policy approach to educational change in the United States.  After they got over their astonishment at my statement realizing it was another one of my strong opinions, they asked for explanation.   At this point I … Read More

But I’ve Earned the Right To…

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The older I get and the more tread comes off my tires, the more my eyes are opened to my warped sense of identity and value.  As I rewind the story of my career as an educator and educational leader, I witness far too many scenes where I have fallen prey to a defensiveness in the face of conflict and … Read More

Heart-Shaped Leadership

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As I have observed various organizations over the years, I have repeatedly seen how critical leadership is to the health and flourishing of the organization. One of the most important aspects of leadership in a Christian organization is the spiritual passion/vitality of the leader – it truly does flow down from the top to the rest of the organization and … Read More

Excuses: A Reflection on “Calling” from Jeremiah 1: 4-10

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The problem with certain questions is that they tend to assume too much.   “When will you be starting a family of your own,” the well-meaning aunt asks the recently married couple, assuming first that these newlyweds will surely want to have children and second that their marriage to one another is somehow not already its own family.  “Who was … Read More

What Is Your Best Interview Question? The Results Are In

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In March we asked you to share the best interview questions you use when hiring teachers. The results are in, and the top answers have been compiled below! “If your students were asked, ‘Do you remember Miss DeJong?’ at a reunion some years hence, what would you like them to say about you?” “Is there a question for which you’ve … Read More