Competing for Hearts and Minds with Video

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How to make videos for your Christian school communities

Joey Richards, Associate Head of School at Southwest Christian School in Fort Worth, shares several tips for creating high quality videos to share with your Christian school families. He also shares his ingenious setup for quickly converting an office into an improvised studio.

Demonstrating Vs. Stating

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School girl shares artwork with her community

One of the first and most common distinctives that Christian schools often share is their great community. Whereas this claim might be true, the challenge with stating community as a distinctive is that every school will say it has a wonderful community. . . . In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, we have a unique opportunity. Community is a distinctive that can be more fully demonstrated for prospective parents in this virtual reality.

The Impact of Competition

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Early spring is a great season for sports fans. March Madness concluded with the University of Virginia men’s team and the Baylor University women’s team winning the NCAA National Basketball Championships. Tiger Woods completed his improbable golf comeback by winning his fifth Masters Championship. NHL hockey and NBA basketball playoffs have taken off, as well as the MLB regular baseball … Read More

Marketing for Strategic Growth – Thoughts from GCSLS

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On January 30 to February 1, I attended the Global Christian School Leadership Summit in San Antonio, Texas. CACE was one of the sponsors of the event that drew over 1100 attendees from all over the world. If you were not able to attend the summit you can gain access to some of the content by registering for the GCSLS … Read More

Exit Interview Takeaways

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In our work at Charter Oak Research, we conduct several phone calls with current Christian school parents and parents of students who once attended a Christian school but did not re-enroll. One of the reasons we provide this service is to give schools more complete information on what current families are thinking as well as insights on why other families … Read More

“My Masters Story…”

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I was on vacation with my family in Florida when I saw a man wearing a Masters Tournament golf hat. I started a brief conversation with this complete stranger by asking him if he was attending the tournament this year. This led to a very fun conversation and something that I think is a great reminder for us as we … Read More

Intentionality in School Admissions

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One lesson I have learned in the world of admissions is the importance of the word intentional or intentionality in our communications to families. Intentionality is something that is done on purpose or intended and is synonymous with words such as designed and planned. Why is this so important and how can we use this word to promote our schools? … Read More