Effective Messaging: Summary vs. Significance

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School leaders know the importance of supporting the admissions efforts of their school with well-developed plans in order to effectively communicate with prospective parents before, during and after “sales efforts” (admissions team activities) have taken place. Marketing efforts can increase the pool of families exploring your school as an option and also prepare prospective families with information that makes them more … Read More

The Perfect Storm?

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In October and November of 1991 an unnamed nor’easter grew in strength off the east coast of the United States absorbing an already existing Hurricane Grace and eventually reaching full hurricane strength itself. Going unnamed during the event in order to avoid confusion with the previous hurricane, it spawned waves recorded at 100 feet high by buoys off the coast … Read More

The Real Value of Retention

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This past summer, I gave a presentation at a school leadership conference on creating a culture of retention at the organizations we work. In determining where I wanted to go in the conversation I found a number of great quotes on the value of retention. Amy Gallo, in the Harvard Business Review (Oct. 2014) said, “depending on which study you … Read More

Independent School Marketers: 3 Steps to Maximize Your Marketing

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Independent School marketers are always looking for the best way to attract and engage target markets to content. As a graduate student in the Northwestern Medill Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) program with expertise in independent school marketing, I have found two articles you will find interesting and insightful. In “The Importance of Visual Storytelling to Marketing Strategy” by Kasey Larsen on VerticalRailCreative.com, the … Read More

Who Are We Trying To Reach?

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I recently worked with a school that was in the process of uncovering key factors in school choice for their current school families.  At the same time, they were exploring key drivers that target families when making decisions about school.  My research, in addition to normative research from around the country, indicates that most Christian school parents use academic quality … Read More

The Power of Connectivity: I Gotta Guy

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Growing up in Chicago, we had a colloquialism when asked for a recommendation. This colloquialism displayed how deep your roots went in the neighborhood and how connected you were. And like any Chicago colloquialism it is not meant to refer to a specific gender, but rather to someone who is a great professional, trustworthy in their work, and will provide … Read More

People, Process, Product

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I was listening to NPR radio last week when a phrase caught my attention: People, Process, Product. This phrase, from my quick search, was first used by Motorola in their development of Six Sigma, the set of techniques and tools they developed for process improvement in the late 1980’s. Six Sigma hit the big time when Jack Welch used it … Read More