The Power of Connectivity: I Gotta Guy

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networkingGrowing up in Chicago, we had a colloquialism when asked for a recommendation. This colloquialism displayed how deep your roots went in the neighborhood and how connected you were. And like any Chicago colloquialism it is not meant to refer to a specific gender, but rather to someone who is a great professional, trustworthy in their work, and will provide an honest answer.

If you need a handyman, plumber, electrician, contractor or mechanic; “I Gotta Guy”.
If you need a dentist, doctor, podiatrist, chiropractor, or surgeon; “I Gotta Guy”.
If you need an accountant, insurance agent, banker, or pastor; “I Gotta Guy”.
And like my dad always told me, “make sure you got a good lawyer and a good buddy who’s a cop”.

In my experience in Christian education there is a specialist, expert, or innovator in every part of the country, and over the past four years as Vice President of the Christian Coalition for Educational Innovation (CCEI) I have seen the powerful change that occurs when Christian educators and leaders are able to connect. As a CACE fellow my desire is to connect you with some of my “guys”, who include:

an expert in 1-to-1 iPad implementation in Florida,
a developer of teacher leaders and strategic compensation plans in Illinois,
an innovator in student leadership development in Boston,
a researcher on quality Christian education in Philadelphia,
a trainer of great Christian school teachers in Iowa,
a developer of curriculum and instruction who has produced measurable student learning gains in Michigan, and
an award winning marketing director in California.

The great part of modern connectivity is that you do not have to be in these locations to gain from the expertise of Christian educators and leaders. Let me know what you need, “I Gotta Guy”.


  • Erik Ellefsen is a CACE Fellow and has served in education for 25 years as a teacher, coach, consultant, union leaders, counselor, and high school principal. He currently serves as Director of Networks and Improvement for Baylor University’s Center for School Leadership, a Senior Fellow for Cardus, podcaster for Digical Education, and as Board Chair of Pacific Bay Christian School. Erik regularly organizes Christian school leadership seminars and speaks on issues pertaining to school leadership, education policy, and organizational improvement. He can be reached via email at

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