Rising Leaders Guide to Change and Innovation: Creating Value

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Rising Leaders' Guide to Change and Innovation: Creating Value

Having permission to drive your own advancement gives a gentle nudge to think beyond the current circumstances or one’s current position and reflect on the skills and abilities that God has given you. Once an honest self-assessment is completed, a person can consider how to apply these abilities to the challenges facing the school.

The Power and Limitations of Executive Function In Schools

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I noted in the first post on this topic—the presence and impact of professionalism in private schools—that two upheavals have altered the ways in which professional standards are defined in faith-based schools. The first is the erosion of the social standing of spiritually oriented vocations, including private school teachers. Not only is this trend driven by secularization, but the economics of private … Read More

School Safety & Building Culture with Mark Hamstra

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School safety and security have been at the forefront of our minds because of the recent tragedy in Parkland, FL. It seems as if the conversation around safety and security have taken a different tone, and this is why I was glad to read the Chicago Sun-Times Op-Ed by my friend Mark Hamstra, Dedicated teachers — not gun-toting teachers — … Read More

Are Your Students Crew or Passengers?

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We are Crew, not Passengers. This is the motto of the organization I worked with for 20 years, Expeditionary Learning, now called EL Education. It comes from Kurt Hahn, the fonder of Outward Bound (the taproot of EL Education), and refers to people gathered together for a long boat journey where everyone is needed to row. Crew is at the … Read More

Mastering the Master Schedule: Fulfill Your School’s Mission Part 1: The Set-up

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Introduction Every February, my focus begins to shift. We’ve gotten into the second semester at our high school and now, my attention goes to planning for the next school year. The most arduous and intensive component of planning for the upcoming year is always tied to building the master schedule. I secretly love the process. Even though it takes a … Read More

This Happens in Christian Schools Too

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One of the advantages of leading a Christian school while also contributing to Christian schooling through The Center for the Advancement of Christian Education (CACE) is the frequency of my encounters with the extraordinary opportunities students experience through distinctive, Christ-centered education. In addition to being known for their comprehensive, Biblical integration, many Christian schools are becoming broadly recognized for the high quality … Read More