Webinar – Helping High School Students Think Biblically about Money

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Rooted in a biblical worldview, the Biblical Stewardship Curriculum is a principle-driven personal finance course teaching:

  • The implications of believing God owns it all
  • The roles, responsibilities, and rewards of financial stewardship as defined by scripture
  • Five transcendent financial decision making principles found in the Bible
  • How money is intertwined with biblical teachings on contentment, generosity, self-control, provision, gratitude, freedom, etc.
  • A simple understanding of the four uses of money (live, give, owe, grow) and the biblical principles that inform each use
  • Processes for personal application, including goal setting, decision making, and basic budgeting

CACE invites you to join Ron Blue and Dr. Phil Gelatt in our recent webinar: Helping High School Students THINK Biblically about Money.


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