Beginning Well: Part 3 of a Conversation with Dan Beerens and Steven Levy

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webinarIn Part 3 of the CACE summer webinar series Dan Beerens and Steven Levy explore how teachers can create a culture in their classrooms where students are dedicated to excellence. In particular, how to give the message to students at the beginning of the year, that everything they do matters. Participants share ideas how they deliver that message, and Levy presents a series of questions, models, and activities to guide teachers in creating a culture where students experience the promise from Luke 16:10, that “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.”

Part 1 was about “Ending Well” in celebrating the accomplishments of the school year. Part 2, “What’s Your Plan? discussed how school leaders and teachers can use summer to plan more effectively for the following school year.


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