Webinar – Helping High School Students Think Biblically about Money

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Rooted in a biblical worldview, the Biblical Stewardship Curriculum is a principle-driven personal finance course teaching: The implications of believing God owns it all The roles, responsibilities, and rewards of financial stewardship as defined by scripture Five transcendent financial decision making principles found in the Bible How money is intertwined with biblical teachings on contentment, generosity, self-control, provision, gratitude, freedom, … Read More

Guiding Students on the Path to Purpose

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In his recent blog and webinar, Dr. Bill Millard states: Life Calling is confidence in an overriding purpose for your life. Everyone has a life calling. Discovering it and developing confidence is the challenge. We can best make this discovery by looking at three crucial life dimensions. The discovery of our life calling starts with establishing foundational values in our lives. We … Read More

Five Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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We all make mistakes. They are unavoidable but not always easy to explain—especially when others have made the same mistakes in the past and share their learning experiences. David Urban and Paul Neal, of Charter Oak Research share the following five marketing mistakes in their blog and webinar: Believing we are misunderstood Not giving others what they want Doing what’s … Read More

Graciously Unapologetic – A Renewed Way to Be in Christian Schools

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On Tuesday, September 20, CACE hosted a webinar with Deborah Benson, Superintendent at Parkview Christian Academy.  Benson discussed her recently published book Graciously Unapologetic: A Renewed Way to be in Christian Schools.  Deb said in response to a question during the webinar, “The core of our school is about getting on our knees and bringing each other to the throne of … Read More

Beginning Well: Part 3 of a Conversation with Dan Beerens and Steven Levy

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In Part 3 of the CACE summer webinar series Dan Beerens and Steven Levy explore how teachers can create a culture in their classrooms where students are dedicated to excellence. In particular, how to give the message to students at the beginning of the year, that everything they do matters. Participants share ideas how they deliver that message, and Levy presents … Read More

What’s Your Plan? Part 2 of a Conversation with Dan Beerens and Steven Levy

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In Part 2 of the CACE summer webinar series Dan Beerens and Steven Levy discuss how school leaders and teachers can use the summer to plan more effectively for the following school year. Part 1 was about “Ending Well” in celebrating the accomplishments of the school year and Part 3 will be about “Beginning Well” as we jump into the … Read More

What’s Your Plan?

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If you are an administrator, the latter part of June is an ideal time for reflection and future planning. Immediate day-to-day pressures cease and unless you are in a modified year or year round schedule situation, the pressures to start back up feel down the road. Still fresh in your mind are the things that worked well or didn’t from … Read More

Engagement Matters: An Introduction

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According to Gallup’s weekly survey only 33% of employees are actively engaged in their work while another 25% are actively disengaged. The data regarding teacher and student engagement is equally as discouraging with engagement rates that have plummeted in the past ten years to levels not seen since the early 1980s. As I work in a school, work with other … Read More