What’s Going to be Different this School Year? 10 Questions for Christian School Leaders to Consider.

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Dear School Leader,

As you get on the train or jet (choose your metaphor!) called school and get it rolling toward take-off, I would like to pose ten questions for consideration:

1. Will students and parents clearly see how passion, mission, people, and practice all come together at your school this year? Is what you are doing distinctively Christian?

2. Have you equipped your staff to nurture the faith of your students in the areas of curriculum, classroom, and community?

3. Is there a culture of continuous improvement that is evident at your school? Is there openness about seeking information for improvement from students, parents, community, or accreditation team members?

4. Will you increase student passion for learning this year? How will you celebrate student learning?

5. Is there a system of support and guidance in place for new teachers and those that need improvement?  Are you balancing truth and grace in your supervision/evaluation process with staff?

6. Do you have a strategic vision you are communicating or are you just going with the flow and hoping for the best?

7. What are the ways you hope to intentionally foster a Christ-like community that is owned by students and staff?

8. Are you encouraging your teaching staff to be innovative,  to explore new ways of teaching and learning, and empowering them to engage students?

9. Do the processes, events, celebrations, written and unwritten rules serve to honor the image of God in each person and build capacity to worship him?

10. How will you provide for your own learning this year?



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